Friday, February 26, 2010

Felt At The 2011 Beach House Bead Retreat

I learned Nuno Felting, from Arlene Watson's two day Nuno Felt class. Arlene's studio is quite near my house. How Convenient! Nuno is the the art of fusing roving to fabric. The result is a sturdy and beautiful piece of nicely felted fabric. Arlene will be teaching a one day Nuno Felted Clutch Purse class at my 2011 San Diego Beach House Retreat.
Some people may want to use the skills learned in this class to create a different project. I am quite flexible when it comes to art projects. So we will explore other uses for the Nuno Felted fabric techniques we will have learned from Arlene. After all, felt can be cut, folded, beaded and turned into so many things! I will cover needle felting techniques and embellishing with beads and sequins during the rest of our stay at the Beach House. After all , the Beach House Bead Retreat is a vacation as well as a workshop.

The Hot Pink & Orange Bracelet with the Aqua ball clasp is made from one of the Nuno Felted pieces from the class I took at Arlene's studio. I love this Cuff. I need more in different colors. Today, I decided to devote most of the day to working on felt in my studio. I raised both tables up to counter height, pushed them together and against the window. Now there was lots of space to do some felting. Some of the pieces on my table were made when I took a workshop at Arlene's studio. Every time I work in my new studio, I am so grateful to have this beautiful, versitile space. Here are a couple pictures of the studio. Felting in there today was so great!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tucson 2010

I hadn't planned on exhibiting at Tucson this year. I was just going to shop and attend the Interweave Party. (Yes, I would drive all the way to Tucson to go to that party. It is that good!)
Then an email came from Kate McKinnon asking if I was interested in a booth at the Best Bead Show. The table space was to be next to Green Girl Studios. Kate offered to put me up at her house. My cushie digs would be in the "Barbie Vintage Dream Coach", a wonderful old trailer Kate has restored into cool and cozy digs. (Photos by Kate McKinnon)

Now I really had to hustle to get ready. It was less than two weeks until the show. Julie, my wonderful helper and friend rushed over and we worked like crazy getting more kits done and packing up the car. I set out for Tucson Tuesday, Feb. 2 at about 7:30 am. The day ahead would consist of driving the 6 1/2 hours to Tucson arriving at the Kino Center where the Best Bead Show is held. Unloading my car and setting up my booth. A quick cat nap, fix the makeup and change clothes, then off to the Interweave Press Party. Busy day!!! As I was extiting the Kino Center into the parking lot, I noticed this spectacular desert sunset! The sunsets are some of my favorite things about the desert. Next stop, the Interweace Press Party! This is one of the best parties of the year. Interweave Press throws a party for it's advertisers. Most of us have known each other for at least 15 years. Most of us are bead vendors or have exhibited our artwork and have advertised in Beadwork Magazine and/or other Interweave publications. The world's nicest people are in the bead business, so it is always a great pleasure to see each other again at this lovely party! Laughter, hugs and catching up are what this party is all about! The staff of Interweave Press are so great! Thank you Interweav for another stellar evening! Below from Left to Right: Jean Campbell & Kate Richbourg, Joella, Me and Carole of Creative Castle, Doris & Judith Schwab both bead store owners in Chicago. These are just a few of the lovely people I am privelaged to visit know in this wonderful bead world! More on Tucson tomorrow!