Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mastering the Curl & Brick Stitch Beaded Beads Classes - April 9 at The Bouncing Bead In La Mesa

This is a rare opportunity to take my signature class right here in the San Diego area. Come join me for Mastering The Curl, one of my favorite classes to teach and the most popular class with students! April 9, from 2;30 TO 5:30 pm at The Bouncing Bead in La Mesa, I have been teaching this class for more than 25 years. It is so much fun! Learn Peyote Stitch while creating this wonderful pendant.
Mastering The Curl

Join me from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Learn Basic Brick Stitch! You will learn to use Brick Stitch to create fun little beaded beads. String them up into a bracelet or necklace along with your favorite glass or semi precious stone beads as spacers. Make it a day of beading and attend both the Basic Brick Stitch and Mastering the Curl workshops!
Learn Basic Brick Stitch

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Bead News For San Diego Residents

Fabulous Selection of Beads At


La Mesa, CA

Are you looking for a great selection of Seed beads and other bead shapes? I've installed a double wide display rack packed with beads at the Bouncing Bead in La Mesa. The Bouncing Bead, located at 8876 La Mesa Blvd., is a great bead store with lots of wonderful goodies. I am proud to announce that Laura, the owner, has agreed to carry my beads in her store. So many customers were asking for more seed beads and seed bead classes, that I've also agreed to teach some great beginner bead weaving classes at the store.

Check out the class schedule for my classes and the other fun classes taught by the talented teaching staff.

A Nice Variety of Colors and Shapes!

Bead sizes & shapes include 15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 seeds. 4mm cubes, 11/0 triangles and tear drops. I am planning to add even more size 6/0 seed beads soon. Great for Crochet bead work. Along with the rest of the great

selection of jewelry making supplies and Laura's own selection of beads, you should be able to find everything you need!

Destination: La Mesa, CA

Three Amazing Stores in a Row!!!

The wonderful thing about the Bouncing Bead's new location is that right next door to Two Sisters & Ewe, A fabulous yarn and fiber shop. And next to that is a Fusion Glass, A beautiful store that offers Dichroic glass pieces, jewelry and glass fusing classes. This is a shopping day worth driving out to La Mesa for.

So grab your girlfriends who love to craft and go for a play date.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiles of Antoni Gaudi Kits Clearance Sale

I am having a clearance sale on a kit that has never been available on my website before. The Tiles of Antoni Gaudi Cuff Kit. This is a wonderful project combining bead embroidered "tiles" and Right Angle Weave "hinges". The photo at the top of this blog is a cropped cuff. I love the bright colors set off by the black connectors! The original price was $115. Take $5 off and I pay the shipping saving you $10.00. Nice!
There are still a couple of each color left from shows and trunk sales.

I have one It's Hip to Be Square Kit left from my last Clearance sale. It is Black & Cranberry beads with Volcano Swarovski® Squares. Scroll down from the Tiles of Antoni Gaudi kits if you want it for your own. You still get $10 off and free shipping.

Also, I have one Creams & Whites Patchwork Collage Cuff kit left. It was $65, take $5 off.
You will have to click on Special Orders and put in the name Cream Patchwork Collage Cuff.

Happy Beading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joshua Tree National Monument

Yesterday was rainy, windy and cold. Cold enough for the rain to turn to tiny hail. That didn't stop Joyce and me from taking a drive over the mountain to Joshua Tree.
The rock formations are enormous! How tiny the climber looks on this boulder.
Joyce is taking a picture of one of the many caterpillar nests all over the bushes on our walk.
We wonder what kind of butterfly or moth these little caterpillars will become.
Very Cool Rocks!
A succulent plant in bloom.
We drove over to Pioneer Town after Joshua Tree. This mock western town is used as a movie set and draws lots of tourists on the weekends. We went on Monday and had the place to ourselves for the most part.
I love this old printing press. Very cool lines.
This morning we woke up to a beautiful view of San Jacinto Mountin with the snow level much lower than yesterday.
We saw this tiny car in Palm Springs. It makes a mini cooper look huge. The entire front of the car opens up. That's the door!
We drive home later today. It has been a great few days. Thanks for the little retreat, Joyce!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Desert in Bloom!

I am in the desert with Joyce Rooks at her house in Desert Hot Springs, CA near Palm Springs. Joyce is an amazing lamp work artist and musician. It is a lovely retreat for both of us. So quiet and peaceful. Birds singing and the wind and a little rain are the only sounds we hear. We hiked in the desert across from the house yesterday.
The is the view out Joyce's front door.

Looking out the back door, you can see San Jacinto Mountain and the Wind Farm below. Very
cool!!! The desert is in bloom and I took some great pictures.
We saw this burrowing owl at the beginning of our hike.

This Opuntia Basilarius Cactus has beautiful bright fuchsia flowers.

Barrel Cactus in bloom.
We will be heading over to Joshua Tree this morning. It is a spectacular place. Otherworldly.
More photos later...

Friday, March 11, 2011


Sarasota, Florida and the Florida West Coast Bead Society
What a great group of women! I just returned home on Monday. Had a bit of a busy week, so I'm a bit late on my blogging. Classes were held at the Community Center in Sarasota. We had a fabulous room.
Two walls of floor to ceiling windows gave us lots of light and great views of the grounds.

My students chose four classes. A brand new class, Sea Nymph's Treasure cuff, which I will also be teaching at the Bead&Button Show this year.
Geode Goddess. One of my favorites because it is a doll and beaded jewelry class that allows people to use their own imaginations to create a beautiful one of a kind art doll small enough to wear as a necklace. Finally one of my all time favorites, Mastering the Curl in the morning with Sculptural Beaded Bead and Parasol Earrings in the afternoon.
I am trying to learn to use my new camera and I got some pretty good pictures. I had a window
seat from Atlanta to Sarasota & back, so took a few shots from the airplane window. Look at the color of that water!
Sarasota is so beautiful! It gave me a whole new perspective on Florida. Dottie Baker picked me up at the airport and gave me a bit of a little tour of the area on the way to my lovely hostess' home. Ellen Solomans, a fabulous doll artist in her own right, took great care of me. This is one of her works in progress. She used "Curls" for the hair. Brilliant!Ellen & her husband Walter live on Siesta Key just a couple of blocks from the beach. Nice! We had a lovely walk along the beach. The sand is quartz and is so fine and white that it is famous worldwide. Love the sea grape leaf.
Thanks everyone! It was a wonderful weekend. I hope to see you all again soon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Much Ado About Palm Trees

Three big trucks rolled onto my street and around to the house behind me yesterday. So unusual for our little cul de sac. What's going on? The neighbors have magnificent date palms in their yard and they were getting trimmed.

These trees are at least 80 to 100 ft. tall!

It required a cherry picker to get the workmen up that high. It was quite noisy, but really interesting to me. I had to get a few shots with my new camera. These trees have been part of the view out the back door for the 12 years I have lived here. I love seeing the fronds waving in the breeze. They look amazing now that all the dead branches are off. Apparently this tree had to go. Not a date palm. It was very close to my neighbor's wall. Maybe it was cracking the foundation. You can see the perspective with the rooftop and chimney and air vents in front of the worker cutting pieces of the tall palm bit by bit. Large bits!
Florida West Coast Bead Society

Speaking of palm trees...Back to work for me. I am preparing to leave in the morning for Sarasota, Florida. I will be teaching for the Florida West Coast Bead Society Friday, Saturday & Sunday. What fun!!! Below is the information the bead society put into the Herald Tribune.
Florida West Coast Bead Society Sponsored Classes
Friday, Mar 4 9:00a
at South Gate Community Center, Sarasota, FL
Florida West Coast Bead Society is sponsoring classes on March 4th, 5th and 6th by nationally known bead artist Jeannette Cook. Please visit her website: to view her wonderful work. Area beaders are invited to participate. Please call 941-266-4064 or email flwestcoastbeadsociety@gmail. read more
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