Friday, April 29, 2011

Reorganizing & Updating!

Two days ago while working in my studio I became frustrated with the wasted space beneath the tall tables my bead racks are on. I said to my friend and helper, Nancy, "I want shelves under these tables." I saw the picture of the shelves in my mind. This is usually what happens when I want something. Yesterday, after walking at the Zoo, I stopped at Target and there were two of the perfect shelves left! My daughter came to work yesterday and together we put in the shelves and rearranged the bead studio. Amazing what a small change can do for a room. We put the desk against the wall, added the shelves, turned the area rug sideways and the room has twice the space as before. So much more efficient!

While at the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bazaar, my credit card machine crashed and died erasing every single charge I had taken over the weekend! Fortunately, I have trained myself to always get a phone number on charges. Everyone I called was so gracious and gave me their card numbers so I could hand enter them. This is why I love the beading community!
Being the third credit card machine I have had in about a 6 month period. I'm done with this system.  Each time I was selling at a show, I would be on the phone with tech support for hours. This is after standing in my booth all day. I asked some of my fellow vendors what they used, then researched my options. I am going with an iPhone and the Mophie credit card reader. Marcia DeCoster has this system and loves it!!

My new iPhone arrived yesterday. Good thing my daughter, Jennifer has one. She is my tech support! In fact, I buy every piece of technology she gets so she can help me. In fact, she has been interviewing for a job with Apple as a tech support person. I always say, "Grow Your Own Tech Support!" This is the truth of humor. I did grow my own.
All the wonderful colors in my studio just made me realize how much I adore being surrounded with beauty. Color is my life! I decided to grab my new camera and take a few shots of my house. My daughter said, " Hey, have you ever taken a picture of your tin toy collection?" No, I hadn't.
Roses from my Garden and the Purple Chase in my living room with colorful pillows all lined up.

More organizing tomorrow, then back to kit making!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Home from The RMBS Bazaar

I love having a booth at the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bazaar. The volunteers are so wonderful and work so hard to keep all of us happy. Thank you for all your work! My booth and room mate, Hannah Rosner was so great to work and room with. We will be back next year sharing the booth and the hotel room. 
This is Hannah's side of the booth. We compliment each other so well with my "dark side" and her "light side". She and I will team up again at the 2011 Bead&Button Show this June. Come see us at booth #410.

I stayed in Denver a couple of extra days visiting my friend Nancy. She is a wonderful multi media artist. We had originally planned to work in her studio on a small book project. I was pretty tired after the show, so just wanted to sit and bead. Nancy had a new kit from the show, so was happy to work on her new project. Her Italian Greyhound, Penny is always tucked in beside her on the big blue chair. We always laugh a lot together, but are also comfortable with long silences. So relaxing.

 Below are some of Nancy's art dolls and two little ceramic bowels. I adore the blue one and expect to own one someday...

Here are Nancy and Penny on our walk around the little lake near her house.

 We did take a trip to Ornamental Beads, and go out to a nice lunch in her very cool neighborhood.
Monday we had dinner with Bernadette Fuentes at Nancy's. Tuesday we met up with  Nancy Zellers for dinner. Both delightful bead friends! Bernadette is a fabulous glass bead maker and Nancy has several beading books out. I love the railing at the Parisi Restaurant where we ate. The Oriental Theatre across the street is so beautiful. Too bad I will be back home when "Wayne the Train Hancock" plays there. Sounds intriguing and I love his Honky Tonk, Cajun flavored style bluesy country vibe! Check out this YouTube video.

It is both wonderful and a bit overwhelming to be home. I am the sole proprietor of Beady Eyed Women® and the only person who does upkeep on the house and yard. The Yard is blooming like crazy!

Then there are kits to make, emails to answer and my dog staring at me trying to get me to throw her fetch toy.

 Whew! Back to work!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Best Little Bead Boxes Shipped Out Yesterday

Uh Oh!!! Hey, wait a minute, there's Tiger sitting behind my purse! He didn't get into the box! I guess he will have to fly out today and meet up with the boxes. The little stowaway really hid I think, so he could have one more shot at seeing a reallive tiger at the Zoo this morning!

Here are the fabulous goodies I chose from the Best Little Bead Box. Grace Danel's fabulous faces are irresistible. The vintage sequins, rosemontes and beads are wonderful. But the little vintage sew on crowns were what made me say out loud, "mine"! Thanks Grace.

Here are my contributions. Some beautiful Czech beads, Vintage dragonflys, Swarovski® crystals and tubes of seed beads. Along with some semi precious stone beads and modern sequins. Plus two Beady Eyed Women's® Guides, Sculptural Peyote Primers one Tide Pool Sculptural Cuff Kit and one Baroque Pearl Necklace Kit. 

It has been a great honor to participate in The Best Little Bead Box! Thanks Carol Dean.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best Little Bead Boxes Arrive at Beady Eyed Women Studio and Tiger of Courage Goes To The San Diego Zoo

I am honored to be participating in the Best Little Bead Box Project for Beads Of Courage.

Tiger of Courage and his Best Little Bead Boxes have arrived at Jeannette Cook's Studio, Beady Eyed Women® in Lemon Grove, CA.

Jasmine and Tiger Take a work break.

 Tiger discovers a little jungle hide out! Peek a Boo, Tiger.

More to come...

Tiger of Courage really wanted to see his cousins, the tigers at the Tiger River enclosure at the Zoo today. Alas, when we got to Tiger River, all the tigers were inside but one. He was way up at the top and we could barely see him. Maybe tomorrow...

Meanwhile, he had fun visiting other animals at the Zoo and even found more of his own kind...Other stuffed animals. Of course he posed with them too!

Here's Tiger at the entrance to the World Famous San Diego Zoo

Posing with a bust of Ngagi the silver back gorilla
While posing in front of the flamingos, the peacock tried to upstage Tiger!
 This baby giraffe is only two weeks old. It's a girl.

 I took Tiger to visit my friend, Ava the bonobo. she loves to mash herself against the glass. Then you match her hands with hers and she will kiss the glass. We see her almost every day on our walk at the zoo.
 Tiger and the Meercats.

This mountain lion is a close relative of Tiger.
Leaving the Zoo, Tiger spotted his kin! Other stuffed animals.
Of course he wanted to get a picture with them...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Crystal Cube Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight

Crystal Cube Beaded Bead Kits
The Crystal Cube Beaded Bead Kit will be on Sale until this Sunday only. Save $10 when you order with a $5 discount and free shipping.

 Fabulous Dagger Beads!!!
Three new Dagger Bead Colors added. Now there are 14 different ones to choose from. 

YUM!!! These daggers make great fringes, flowers and surface embellishment for bead embroidery!