Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeing Red at the San Diego Art Institute

Last night, my daughter, granddaughter and my friend Cliff and I attended a reception at the San Diego Art Institute. It was very well attended by the art community. Such an interesting and fun crowd. I had to snap some shots. Below is my daughter, Jenni Kai in front of the painting she entered into the show. I love her work and of course am really proud of my daughter!

Among the attendees was the fabulous Diana Duval. I spotted her red and black ensemble topped by her amazing hat from across the room and set off to introduce myself to her.

Thinking about my collection of vintage hats, I thought hers must be from the 40's. No, she said, it is her own creation. She constructed the entire thing and even hand dyed the feathers. It is so fitting for this edgy and beautiful artist. Stunning in front of her self portrait!

When Cliff and saw this young woman walk by, we had to follow her and say hi. Look at the amazing color of her hair. She pulls this look off flawlessly! Her eyebrows are dyed to match and she has peaches and cream skin. Quite the contrast. It is so great to see people play with their looks so successfully. I adore the art world! Here is Amanda posing with my friend Cliff in his very cool top hat.

Here are Cliff and me comparing our pointy shoes which contain tired feet! Time to take our tired feet and hungry bellies to dinner. We all went off to Athens Market Taverna for the some of the best Greek food in town. Lucky for us, it is Restaurant week and we each had a three course meal for $20! You must visit Athens Market sometime. It is at the corner of 1st & F streets in Downtown San Diego.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beach House Retreat

Beady Eyed Women's Beach House Bead Retreat was a fabulous success. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of fun, happy, creative women to spend a week with. Above is a shot of my students on arrival day toasting with a glass of wine & opening their gift bags. Left to right, Pennie, Nancy, Sharon and Cyndi. It was such a great week that we have already booked the beach house for next year. Arrival day is January 13 and check out will be Jan. 19, 2011. If you wish to join us, please email me. I will open registration soon. The
Beach House Bead Retreat is limited to 6 or 7 students, so reserve your space early. We have a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, two story house. There are two living rooms. The downstairs living room has a huge dining table, breakfast nook and two couches. Wall to wall, ceiling to floor windows looking out onto the bay and a wood stove fireplace. The upstairshas a huge living room with the wall to wall ceiling to floor windows as well. I designated the upstairs living room "the quiet zone". People can stay up and bead and visit, raid the fridge and talk until late into the night downstairs. While those who like a quiet evening can go upstairs where the candles will be lit and the light is dim so we can watch the sparkling lights beyond the bay and sip wine and visit quietly. This house is a perfect fit for everyone!

We had lots of stormy weather this year, which is very unusual for San Diego. But, sitting in front of our huge windows, next to the fireplace, a 6 foot table spread with beads and shells and beautiful driftwood pieces along with plenty of food, wine and good conversation made it an ideal situation for us. Our view was ever changing. We were situated on the bay side of Mission Beach, with he ocean waves just 2 blocks away. Our view was of the Mission Bay Yacht club moorings. Sail boats danced and swayed in front of our house while seagulls played in the winds of the storm undaunted by the rain. The photo to the left is a Sunset Rainbow and the view outside our windows. This rainbow appeared at sunset and was lit orange and red rather than the usual colors of a rainbow. Fabulous!
Classes started Sunday with a day off on Tuesday to go sight seeing and do a bit of
shopping. We started at The Shepherdess in Old Town, and popped into the new fabric store called The Spirit of Cloth next door. Then on the The Art Store and Balboa Park to have a sumptous lunch at The Prado Restaurant. We went from there to The Hotel Del Coronado to walk on the beach at sunset and explore this famous old hotel. A perfect day! Here are Cyndi, Nancy and Sharon posing on the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. Beautiful! Classes resumed Wednesday and Thursday and sadly, everyone left on Friday. But we have 2011 to look forward to and are keeping in touch via email and Facebook. I can hardly wait to gather again next year!

Now that I am home from the Beady Eyed Women's Beach House Bead Retreat, it is time to get ready for a trip to Tucson. I have a table at the Best Bead Show with Green Girl Studios. Please come visit me if you are in Tucson next week. I will have my kits and tutorials for sale and a display of finished work.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New Workspace

I have been having a little personal retreat. Studying, reevaluating my business, tapping into my creativity. I found myself spending too much time on the computer, playing on FB, so I am limiting my time there. Going out to play with friends was really nice. Since I work so much, I turn down lots of offers. I made more time to visit during the Holidays. But now back to business! It is difficult to yank ones self out of vacation mode. Then there is making kits. That left no time for my creativity to just flow.

My new work room isn't quite finished yet, but here are three pictures of my new work room. I adore the wall colors! There's still a lot of organizing to do for the new work room. I love working in this new space. It's such a bright, beautiful room. It is a bit difficult to get a good picture of it, though. The room isn't all that large, 13' x 14' or so. That makes it hard to back up far enough to get a perspective of it. A few shots of the spaces will have to do.
One entire wall is my favorite chartreuse green. Te top shot looks at my work desk. the remaining 3 walls are a wonderful saturated aqua blue. All the trim is white.

I have one more of the metal racks, shown below, to build. A big shipment of beads is due to arrive today or tomorrow. More space will be needed for kit making ingredients.
Folding tables allow me to convert the room into a nice little guest room. Guests will be surrounded by beads, but why would that be a problem for anyone who knows me.

"Ocean Trees" Seascapes

Slowing myself down and putting out a palate of beautiful beads, some driftwood and glass pieces and of course crystal does wonders. "Ocean Trees" is the result of just playing. I must admit that I became obsessed with making these little seaweed like sculptures. Like in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind! I had to stop myself from making more and do other things.

I even made one into a ring! Marcia DeCoster wants an Aqua "Ocean Trees" Ring. So fun!