Sunday, July 19, 2009

Instructions Now Available in PDF Form

Exciting News!
Most of my Instruction Sheets are now available in
PDF form on my website! Save postage and go green!
Many of you have been asking for this service and now it is available. How great especially for my customers who
live outside the US.

Lotus Flower Cuff

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Bead Society of Greater San Diego Bead Bazaar

10th Annual Bead Bazaar
Please join me at the Bead Bazaar August 1 & 2. This annual Bead Bazaar put on by the Bead Society of Greater San Diego is a great little show. It is really quite well attended and has some wonderful vendors. I will have a booth there this year for the first time in a couple of years. Please visit me to say hi and view a beautiful display of my finished work. I will have lots of beading kits and instructions for sale. The Bead Bazaar is held at the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley, 1885 Camino Del Rio South. Right off the I-8 Freeway.
Click here for more details

Back from the Northwest

The 2009 Puget Sound
Bead Festival
It was a great trip. The Puget Sound Bead Festival was really fun!
Vicki Lareau and her excellent staff are so great!

We were well taken care of as always. Thanks so much everyone for another great year.The photo on the left is the view from my room at the Hotel Murano. Judy Walker and I shared the room. She is a great roommate!!! After the show, I drove to Whidbey Island where my dad lives. I took him on a one hour flight over the San Juan Islands near his place. It is sooo beautiful! The photo on the right is a shot from the plane.

Next year, I will have a booth at the Puget Sound Bead Festival. Please visit me there to shop for some great kits and instruction sheets.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am Ready for the Puget Sound Bead Festival!
I am mostly finished packing, just a few personal items to add to the three suitcases I am taking to Tacoma. I love having that done with one whole day left to relax, remember any last minute things I may want to bring and do a little beading. Femme Florets Ring is one of my 3 hour classes. It is sweet and a pretty quick project to make.

I am looking forward to the drive to Whidbey Island after the show. My dad lives there. I hope to get over to Deception Pass one day. It is an amazingly beautiful place. Coopville is only 20 minutes from his house. It is a very cool little Victorian town on the water. 
I will be beach combing for driftwood to use in the Basketry project I am offering at Hacienda Mosaico  in Puerto Vallarta, next January. I love walking on the beach! The beaches in the far Northwest are very special. I need more days there!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Radiance Brooch

Radiance Brooch is brand new and was inspired by the bright summer sun and the magnificent and huge Date Palms in my neighbors yard. I wake up each morning to the bright summer sunshine and a view of these fabulous palms swaying in the breeze through my bedroom window.


Butterfly Bush in Bloom and an Artichoke
Two of my favorite summertime treats!

Ok, I admit it, I don't like the heat of summer at all. I even called my friend, Ginger to say, " I hate Summer!!!" She shares my dislike of heat. Being a Hot Flash Queen, it is even more annoying to be hot and sticky. And I live in San Diego. What am I whining about? I have been to Florida in August! So what do I love about summer? Fresh avocados with a bit of salt and pepper on them. A nice cold sparkling water with a squeeze and a slice of one of my own Meyer lemons from the tree in my yard. Artichokes! Mmmmm. I had a friend years ago who shared my love of artichokes. If either of us found a good price on artichokes, that person would buy them, then call and leave a message on the other's answering machine. The message was short and to the point. It would go; "Artichoke Alert, Artichoke Alert!" We would grab a bottle of champagne, the artichokes and one of us would make some pasta with basil pesto sauce and meet at one or the other's house for a little feast! The evenings and nights of summer are really special here.
Mornings are great too. Yesterday, I took my coffee cup and my camera out to the yard and shot some pictures of the flowers blooming and other things that are out there. 

Evening is great too. I have a very pretty yard with water features and twinkle lights. I love to go out and relax in the yard once the evening breeze picks up and the sun starts to dip below the horizon. The sunset at the beach here is wonderful. I have yet to go to the San Diego Zoo for nighttime at the zoo. I swear I will do it soon and put up some pictures. Hey, don't they have a website??? Yes! Here it is: Night Time at the Zoo. I will be going this week. Maybe I will learn how to use my camera at night. My nighttime pictures never come out very well!