Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Sparkle Sale

I have some pretty darned sparkly kits just loaded with Swarovski® crytsttals in the Beady Eyed Women® shop! For the 4th of July, I think of Sparkling Fireworks and sparkling crystals. I have chosen 3 kits to feature in this sale. The best part is you can begin saving on these beautiful kits right now! There are lots of other kit and tutorial choices as well as beads. So if these don't strike your fancy, go to the link at the bottom and click on shop.

Three Fabulously Sparkling
Beady Eyed Women® Kits 
Packed With Swarovski® Crystals!
  Crystal Cube Beaded Bead

Regular $95 4th of July Sparkle Sale Price $85


A Spectacular Beaded Bead Completely Encrusted
with 195 Swarovski® Crystals.

 Double Enchantment Chains Bracelet
Regular $78 4th of July Sparkle Sale Price $70

Fast, easy to make and lightweight for summer.
Talk about Bling! Each kit contains
255  Swarovski® Crystals!

Treble Clef Pendant
 Regular Price $48 4th of July Sparkle Sale Price $44

Another chance to Sparkle & Shine! Simple and elegant, this
necklace goes together very quickly. The spiral shape is encrusted
with 72 - 3mm Swarovski® crystals!

Plus All Orders Over $50
Ship Free!


2011 Puget Sound Bead Festival Tacoma

The Puget Sound Bead Festival is the weekend of July 8-10 and I am going! I will be at an artisan table in the convention hall behind the Hotel Marano. If you are in the Tacoma, WA area, please come visit. There will not be any classes this year, but lots of wonderful vendors and teachers selling our kits and tutorials.

My Pretty Booth

Silence on the Blog Front

I admit I've been hunkering down and hiding a bit. Trying to regroup and recharge. Thinking about what to do next. Bead&Button is so huge and takes so long to get ready for. Then it is 8 days with a travel day on either side. Coming home is strange after all that time immersed in people and work and fun and work and excitement and creativity. I call it post party depression. You almost don't know what to do with yourself once home and suddenly alone. This year I had two roommates. Hannah Rosner, who was my booth partner as well, and Smita Thakkar who owns SK Jewelers. Smita had her own booth. These two women are excellent roommates! Three women in a room can be a bit much but for the fact that we are all relaxed, considerate women. It worked out so well. Unfortunately, I caught a cold the second day I was in Milwaukee. I could feel it coming on. Oh noooo, I thought not now with all the work ahead of me! I got through, came home and slept for 3 days after returning to San Diego.

My studio was a bit of a mess from pre-show prep. It would have to wait. I had a guest coming for 6 days beginning on the Saturday after the show. Tight schedule. The visit went just fine and after my friend Ginger left the following Saturday morning, I taught classes at the Bouncing Bead , just a 10 minute drive from my house. Love that! No airports, no plane ride.

Sunday morning I got up and looked into the studio. Wow, lots of work to do! I dove right in and got it all done before leaving to have lunch with the girls.
Boxes to unpack.

Kit Bins to re-organize

Kits all organized! Better!

Desk cleared and rearranged.

Ready to get back to work with lots of inspiration!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bead&Button 2011 The view from Booth 410

Another wonderful Bead&Button Show is behind us. It seems somewhat surreal to be home after 8 very full days in Milwaukee. I love this show for the great energy and laughter that abounds every single day and night. Beaders are the happiest people on earth, I think! That energy held me up through the cold I caught on the way to the show. Each day is so full and so busy, that I hardly noticed. Each night after the show, I did collapse on the bed happy with the day, but feeling totally worn out. Usually, I go to dinner with friends at least 3 times. It is such a great time to catch up with people I've known for so many years of bead shows and classes. Here are a few great pictures taken from Booth #410. I got out to go to the bathroom and that's about it, so there aren't many pictures, but they are fun ones.
 Sue Blessenger was such a great helper at Meet the Teachers. I couldn't have done it without her! Thanks Sue!
Great Lakes Beaders! What did YOU get??? Fire Mountain Gems was across the aisle from us. They were wonderful neighbors.

 Some of the Beading Across America project authors. What a great gathering of talent this is!
Nathalie from Lark Books and Me
The Bad Liz and Her Bad Ass Birdie Hat
 The Bad Ass Birdie

 My booth mate and room mate Hannah Rosner, to the left, was great. We will have the same booth next year. A "Great" bunch of bead crazed shoppers!
 I couldn't resist taking a picture of this great Anamae esque outfit! Isn't she cute?

If only I had more time and energy to shoot more pictures at the B&B Show this year... Oh well there's always next year.  Thanks to everyone who came by to visit and shop. I got about a thousand hugs. That's worth so much.