Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Sweeping Saga... & Harvest Time

Involving a Rake, a Broom, Lots of Leaves and a Beautiful Dinner...
My maple tree finally dropped all it's leaves, then the ash began dumping it's leaves. These trees have two different styles of leaf dropping. The maple, gentle and gradual. The ash, dumps tons of leaves each day. So, there's lots to do in the yard every day. Call me old fashioned! I am actually enjoying sweeping and raking and mowing with a push mower these days. 
Right now in San Diego, leaves are falling all over the neighborhood. We get our fall a bit late. Blowers are blowing, but not at my house. I use woman power. It feels good to move my body while doing yard work. Sitting all day beading can stiffen you right up! I am taking a page from my neighbor Buford's book. Keep moving. At 91, he cares for his house, car and truck, and yard. Once that work is done, he comes over to my place and mows my lawn for me!  I do own a blower and a weed whacker, but the way I see it, this is like a trip to the gym. I walk at the Zoo each morning. That takes care of the lower half, the raking and sweeping and mowing and trimming works the rest of me. And it's all green.

January 4 in beautiful Lemon Grove
This morning I harvested beautiful tangerines, and picked roses. Yesterday, my neighbor invited me to harvest some pink grapefruit.  We are so fortunate to be able to pick food all year long.
Grapefruit bath, so many Tangerines!
 Speaking of beautiful, look at this red chard! One of the prettiest veggies on earth.
 Of cours there are beads in these colors somewhere in my stash.
Then there is the sweet potato I had with the chard and a small steak last night. Brilliant orange.
Hmmm, what's for dinner tonight???