Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sea Spirit Driftwood Sculpture

It all started with a piece of driftwood I picked up at the beach on Whidbey Island, WA in July. I was planning to use the driftwood for a new basket. Nearby was a little bag of ancient Roman glass pieces. I took one of the pieces that I had bezeled with beads and set it on one end of the wood. It fit perfectly! It even looked like a head! Hey!!! Then there was a piece that literally snapped into place in the center of the wood where there was very nice crevasse with a hole that goes through to the other side. That's it! Let the beading begin. She mostly needed a beautiful crown of bead work on her head. I decided the body needed more color. Why must I leave the driftwood in it's natural color? This is my sculpture, I can do what ever I want! I have lots of Sharpie markers and some beautiful gel writing pens. Coloring the driftwood was really, really fun! I back lit the sculpture so the glass pieces would glow. Very cool. My muse was the piece of driftwood from the sea. Therefore, the name of this piece has to be Sea Spirit.

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