Friday, December 17, 2010

My Little World at the Holidays & The Best Little Bead Box

Welcome To My Home!

I just love this time of the year. It is the gathering of friends and family to enjoy each others company that I like best. I am not a religeous person, more spiritual. I honor every person's path and feel there is room for all of our spiritual belief systems. Peace to everyone!
My little house in Lemon Grove is so serene and lovely. It is a joy to put up lights and decorations. Candles have always been a favorite way to add warmth and light during the dark evenings this time of year. In my living room is a very old, ugly non functioning heater from 1959 when the house was built. It is disguised with a mirror and a big star. On the floor are several jars and glass oil lamps. Originally these were in the corner windows of my living room behind my purple chase. When I changed the corner, I put them on the floor near the hall until they could go into boxes to be stored. Well, they looked so good they have been there since. Here is that living room corner. Tomorrow I will have my granddaughter over and we'll get a small Christmas tree for this table. That's Jasmine the Wonder Dog relaxing on the rug.

The Best Little Bead Box
I was one of the people chosen for The Best Little Bead Box project! It is very exciting to me to be able to contribute to Beads of Courage, a very worthy cause! A couple of months ago, while I was in the waiting area at the tire store, the man next to me started talking to me. His elementary school aged daughter was in recovery from cancer. While she was in the hospital, she received beads from Beads of Courage. She is now hooked on beading, makes lots of jewelry to sell at school and donates the proceeds back to Beads of Courage. I told her dad I was in the bead business, have lots and lots of beads and would love to contribute. So, The Best Little Bead Box is the perfect opportunity. I have a great abundance of beads in my studio. It will be an honor to share. Just one view of a rack of beads in my Studio.

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