Monday, March 21, 2011

The Desert in Bloom!

I am in the desert with Joyce Rooks at her house in Desert Hot Springs, CA near Palm Springs. Joyce is an amazing lamp work artist and musician. It is a lovely retreat for both of us. So quiet and peaceful. Birds singing and the wind and a little rain are the only sounds we hear. We hiked in the desert across from the house yesterday.
The is the view out Joyce's front door.

Looking out the back door, you can see San Jacinto Mountain and the Wind Farm below. Very
cool!!! The desert is in bloom and I took some great pictures.
We saw this burrowing owl at the beginning of our hike.

This Opuntia Basilarius Cactus has beautiful bright fuchsia flowers.

Barrel Cactus in bloom.
We will be heading over to Joshua Tree this morning. It is a spectacular place. Otherworldly.
More photos later...

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