Thursday, June 30, 2011

Silence on the Blog Front

I admit I've been hunkering down and hiding a bit. Trying to regroup and recharge. Thinking about what to do next. Bead&Button is so huge and takes so long to get ready for. Then it is 8 days with a travel day on either side. Coming home is strange after all that time immersed in people and work and fun and work and excitement and creativity. I call it post party depression. You almost don't know what to do with yourself once home and suddenly alone. This year I had two roommates. Hannah Rosner, who was my booth partner as well, and Smita Thakkar who owns SK Jewelers. Smita had her own booth. These two women are excellent roommates! Three women in a room can be a bit much but for the fact that we are all relaxed, considerate women. It worked out so well. Unfortunately, I caught a cold the second day I was in Milwaukee. I could feel it coming on. Oh noooo, I thought not now with all the work ahead of me! I got through, came home and slept for 3 days after returning to San Diego.

My studio was a bit of a mess from pre-show prep. It would have to wait. I had a guest coming for 6 days beginning on the Saturday after the show. Tight schedule. The visit went just fine and after my friend Ginger left the following Saturday morning, I taught classes at the Bouncing Bead , just a 10 minute drive from my house. Love that! No airports, no plane ride.

Sunday morning I got up and looked into the studio. Wow, lots of work to do! I dove right in and got it all done before leaving to have lunch with the girls.
Boxes to unpack.

Kit Bins to re-organize

Kits all organized! Better!

Desk cleared and rearranged.

Ready to get back to work with lots of inspiration!

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