Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving the Bead Studio

There is just plain ol' stuff and there is good stuff. I have both. For me, being creative about adjusting to this economy has to happen. I live and work in my wonderful little California 1950's stucco house. Just me and Jasmine occupy this space along with a ton of beads and kit making supplies. Recently, I decided the only way to survive is to rent out the master bedroom, which has been my beautiful work studio for nearly a year. So well organized, such great colors! 
Studio "before", looking out the back window.
Bead Rack in the "old" Studio
 I put the word out to several friends to keep their eyes and ears out for anyone they know who would be a nice, comfortable, dependable and safe roommate. Then, I made a list of qualities and expectations I wanted in a person who would share my home. It took three days for my network of wonderful friends to put me and my new roommate together! She moves in on the 15th. Yay!
Master Bedroom "after studio moved out". Such a beautiful room!
Side yard window view "after". Good thing my new roommate loves my color choices!
 Giving up the Work Studio was a tough decision for me, not to mention a lot of work. I had 3 large bakers racks full of kit making beads and all the supplies that goes along with operating Beady Eyed Women® in the closet on shelves with more shelves full of stuff along an entire wall! The three racks are now in my sun room temporarily. Now that the racks are in place, it's not too bad, actually. The racks take up the sitting area and it actually makes a fabulous little work space.
Looking into the old sitting area at the three racks and the photo tent on the little dining table.
This rack blocks my view of the waterfall and pond, but the beads are so pretty!
I've decided that my new workspace will be the garage. A nice, large and mostly wasted space. With only 987 square feet of living space inside the house, plus a nice sun room where I spend a lot of time, a new and beautiful studio in the garage would free up the master bedroom which is right next to the only bathroom in the house. I will put another bathroom in the garage studio for me and let a roommate have the one in the house. Yes! A plan is born. With the help of my friend Marla, The bedroom was cleared out and the entire studio moved into the sun room and garage in only two days.
The daunting task of getting everything out of the garage for the construction crew is before me!
Next task, clear out the entire garage for the construction workers. Hmmmm where to put it all. Maybe I'll rent a Pod Storage unit...


  1. I'm so excited to see your garage become the studio of your dreams!
    I think house sharing is a wonderful thing. Good luck through the transition. Renting a Pod is wonderfully convenient. I've done it a few times.

  2. It seems like a LOT of work! I hope you'll set up a perfect studio in your garage. Can't wait to see the pictures of renovated space :)