Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Very Fun Saturday!

The Talmadge Art Pop Up Show Was Wonderful!
The sun shone most of the day, there was a crisp chill in the air with a few clouds moving in later in the afternoon. Being an outdoor show, we were fine with clouds that didn't spritz us! The mood was happy and fun, Sharon and Alan's garden is lovely. Here's a shot of my booth. The sun was really bright. Not the most ideal light for shooting black velvet! I was so busy setting up and helping customers that walking around taking photos slipped my mind!

Two of my students from the Mastering the Curl class dropped by for a little shopping. The two Maggies. This Maggie wore her finished Curl. It came out so elegant with the color palette she chose to match her lamp work bead. It is perfect as a focal point nestled into the opening in the curl. Nice job!

Time to relax a bit and think about Christmas. My friend Ginger is in town from Santa Cruise and will be staying with me for the holiday. And my granddaughter, Kayla will be here for two nights this week for a sleep over with grandma! YAY!!!


  1. Mastering the curl necklace is awesome-thanks for sharing Maggie!

  2. Die Kette ist wunderschön und ausgefallen.