Thursday, July 2, 2009


Butterfly Bush in Bloom and an Artichoke
Two of my favorite summertime treats!

Ok, I admit it, I don't like the heat of summer at all. I even called my friend, Ginger to say, " I hate Summer!!!" She shares my dislike of heat. Being a Hot Flash Queen, it is even more annoying to be hot and sticky. And I live in San Diego. What am I whining about? I have been to Florida in August! So what do I love about summer? Fresh avocados with a bit of salt and pepper on them. A nice cold sparkling water with a squeeze and a slice of one of my own Meyer lemons from the tree in my yard. Artichokes! Mmmmm. I had a friend years ago who shared my love of artichokes. If either of us found a good price on artichokes, that person would buy them, then call and leave a message on the other's answering machine. The message was short and to the point. It would go; "Artichoke Alert, Artichoke Alert!" We would grab a bottle of champagne, the artichokes and one of us would make some pasta with basil pesto sauce and meet at one or the other's house for a little feast! The evenings and nights of summer are really special here.
Mornings are great too. Yesterday, I took my coffee cup and my camera out to the yard and shot some pictures of the flowers blooming and other things that are out there. 

Evening is great too. I have a very pretty yard with water features and twinkle lights. I love to go out and relax in the yard once the evening breeze picks up and the sun starts to dip below the horizon. The sunset at the beach here is wonderful. I have yet to go to the San Diego Zoo for nighttime at the zoo. I swear I will do it soon and put up some pictures. Hey, don't they have a website??? Yes! Here it is: Night Time at the Zoo. I will be going this week. Maybe I will learn how to use my camera at night. My nighttime pictures never come out very well! 

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  1. Ahh yes - what a delicious description of summertime. My whole body exhaled and relaxed as I read it. As a northeasterner it is truly my favorite time worth every sticky humid buggy moment for the chance to stroll out in the yard in bare feet, we picked our first squash of our very own yesterday. Still morning coffee on the deck is the best.
    Thank you for the photo of the butterfly bush in bloom - we planted 2 but they haven't bloomed yet - now I know what to look forward to. Thank you for wonderful start to my Sunday. Sydney