Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kit Making!

There hasn't been a lot for me to talk about lately. Staying home and putting together kits isn't too exciting. I have been in the "kit making cave" for days and days. Fortunately, I've decided to bead for a while first thing in the morning. This always helps me have a good day! I can't show you what I have been working on because it is my project for the "Use The Muse" beading contest. It is a secret until the big reveal. Wish me luck!
Kits really are a wonderful thing, but making them is tedious. Good thing I have a helper/friend, Julie. She is smart, organized and a fast worker. She likes the same music I do and we share philosophical views about many things. This makes for some pretty stimulating kit making days despite the tediousness of putting little beads in little baggies, taping them together, then taping them to instruction booklets and putting the whole thing into a bigger baggie. Hundreds of them! Thanks Julie.
Today, I needed a break so I went to the San Diego Zoo for a morning walk. I love walking in our zoo. As you may have noticed, I talk about the zoo a lot. It is very cool. This morning at about 11:00 am, they released ten macaws from a box that is elevated about 15 feet off the ground. I got a good shot of it just as they flew out of the box. Cool!!!!

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