Friday, October 30, 2009

My Kit "Cave" is Actually Bright & Beautifu!

Inspired Blogging?
For some time now, I just haven't been able think of what I should blog about. I wonder if anyone is interested in my daily life when it seems so mundane to me. Building kits isn't the most interesting activity I can think of. Uninspired, I stopped blogging for a couple of weeks. Then, this morning, on Facebook, Marcia DeCoster said she had blogged before coffee. Before coffee??? Wow, I am impressed, Marcia.
Every chair and table holds finished kits and
parts for making more kits!

My storage cupboard from IKEA.
Full of boxes of crystals!

So, I just had to go to Marcia's blog and see what she had to say. What a wonderful blog! She talks about her workspace and new beadwork finds and her students' work. Marcia got me into blogging in the first place, so now she is inspiring me to keep going. Thanks, my friend.
When I am making kits with Julie, my helper and friend, I refer to it as being in the Kit "Cave". Really, the space we work in is anything but a cave! It is really beautiful in my sun room. The couch and chairs are full of plastic bins with kits and project tutorials in them, but it is bright and beautiful and we are surrounded by all the colors I love most! When the weather is warm, which is most of the time here, we open the windows and can hear the waterfall just outside the sun room. Not exactly a "cave"!

I'm Ready to Play With FELT!!!
I am very excited to be signed up for Arlene Watson's Nuno Felt Workshop coming up at the end of November. I need to play with fibers for a while. It is so good to take a break from the usual and step outside my comfort zone sometimes. This is the perfect opportunity. I have been collecting roving for a few years now. I think it is high time I used some of it up! I have done a little bit of felting, but not much. Below is a little handbag I felted and beaded. Michele Goldstein's flower bead is perfect at the bottom with my Berry Delightful beaded silk dangle. The flower at the top is done with Right Angle Weave.

I have lots to learn about felting, but I still love this little bag. I am excited to see what happens after the workshop with Arlene. More possibilities await me!


  1. And what a beautiful space it is! Love your IKEA cabinets, all white and shiny surrounded by dark wood and filled with beads, how lovely.

  2. I blog while I'm having my morning latte most days....though I've been missing days lately, mostly because I'm busy beading for a book proposal and can't post photos of what I'm doing and blogs can be boring without something to look at. Love your 'Kit Cave'

  3. Keeping up with a blog, is hard work!! I have been keeping up with mine, writing about this and that...I keep thinking I will run out of steam too! Check it out