Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New Workspace

I have been having a little personal retreat. Studying, reevaluating my business, tapping into my creativity. I found myself spending too much time on the computer, playing on FB, so I am limiting my time there. Going out to play with friends was really nice. Since I work so much, I turn down lots of offers. I made more time to visit during the Holidays. But now back to business! It is difficult to yank ones self out of vacation mode. Then there is making kits. That left no time for my creativity to just flow.

My new work room isn't quite finished yet, but here are three pictures of my new work room. I adore the wall colors! There's still a lot of organizing to do for the new work room. I love working in this new space. It's such a bright, beautiful room. It is a bit difficult to get a good picture of it, though. The room isn't all that large, 13' x 14' or so. That makes it hard to back up far enough to get a perspective of it. A few shots of the spaces will have to do.
One entire wall is my favorite chartreuse green. Te top shot looks at my work desk. the remaining 3 walls are a wonderful saturated aqua blue. All the trim is white.

I have one more of the metal racks, shown below, to build. A big shipment of beads is due to arrive today or tomorrow. More space will be needed for kit making ingredients.
Folding tables allow me to convert the room into a nice little guest room. Guests will be surrounded by beads, but why would that be a problem for anyone who knows me.

"Ocean Trees" Seascapes

Slowing myself down and putting out a palate of beautiful beads, some driftwood and glass pieces and of course crystal does wonders. "Ocean Trees" is the result of just playing. I must admit that I became obsessed with making these little seaweed like sculptures. Like in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind! I had to stop myself from making more and do other things.

I even made one into a ring! Marcia DeCoster wants an Aqua "Ocean Trees" Ring. So fun!


  1. Ooooh Jeannette....that driftwood looks very familiar!! Love your trees!! Can't wait to see them in person! Oh BTW it's me cognito!

  2. Your work room looks very nice! I need metal racks for myself but I tend to buy wooden ones, and then afraid they'll collapse.