Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeing Red at the San Diego Art Institute

Last night, my daughter, granddaughter and my friend Cliff and I attended a reception at the San Diego Art Institute. It was very well attended by the art community. Such an interesting and fun crowd. I had to snap some shots. Below is my daughter, Jenni Kai in front of the painting she entered into the show. I love her work and of course am really proud of my daughter!

Among the attendees was the fabulous Diana Duval. I spotted her red and black ensemble topped by her amazing hat from across the room and set off to introduce myself to her.

Thinking about my collection of vintage hats, I thought hers must be from the 40's. No, she said, it is her own creation. She constructed the entire thing and even hand dyed the feathers. It is so fitting for this edgy and beautiful artist. Stunning in front of her self portrait!

When Cliff and saw this young woman walk by, we had to follow her and say hi. Look at the amazing color of her hair. She pulls this look off flawlessly! Her eyebrows are dyed to match and she has peaches and cream skin. Quite the contrast. It is so great to see people play with their looks so successfully. I adore the art world! Here is Amanda posing with my friend Cliff in his very cool top hat.

Here are Cliff and me comparing our pointy shoes which contain tired feet! Time to take our tired feet and hungry bellies to dinner. We all went off to Athens Market Taverna for the some of the best Greek food in town. Lucky for us, it is Restaurant week and we each had a three course meal for $20! You must visit Athens Market sometime. It is at the corner of 1st & F streets in Downtown San Diego.

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