Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Idea Kate!

Inspired by Kate McKinnon's blog about eating lunch in her yard, I decided to take my lunch outside as well. The biggest difference is the temperature. It is a cloudy, breezy and cool day in Lemon Grove today. I am having a beer with my Carnitas rather than wine. Beer and Mexican food just works!

Too often I eat inside and don't take time to enjoy my lovely yard. So, inspired by you, Kate, here I am on the verandah, listening to my audio book, and the waterfall in the pond, the birds chirping in the background. Lunch: Carnitas from Por Favor Restaurant here in Lemon Grove. The best Carnitas in the world in my opinion. An entire avocado, cut up and lightly salted with sea salt and light, crispy tortilla chips with salsa. A delicious Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat beer with a squeeze and a slice of orange. Luxurious! I must make it a point to come out to my lovely garden to eat more often.


  1. It's like we had lunch together in your AWESOME garden! Thank you!

  2. Anything goes with Mexican and your lunch looks great!!! Now I'll have to run to Kate's blog to see what she had for lunch!