Monday, September 19, 2011

Honored, Happy & Grateful!

Last weekend, I was honored to be part of a wonderful art show. Coronado Art Walk is held at the Ferry Landing on Coronado Island here in San Diego.  The show is sponsored by the Coronado Historical Society. It was my first year for this show. I was delighted with the venue and the friendly and helpful staff! The view of downtown San Diego across the bay is spectacular. There were lots of people walking through, many with dogs, kids, some riding bikes, all laughing and chatting and enjoying the cool breeze and sunny weather. Both Saturday and Sunday, there was live music in the square at the Ferry Landing. Great music too. Jazz Saturday and Cajun and Blues on Sunday. Nice!

Coronado Art Walk hosts artists with very high quality work. Courtnay McGowan is the coordinator and did a beautiful job of taking care of us. There was a refreshment booth for artists and volunteers to give breaks, and help with loading and unloading booths.

I was honored to be named one of the "Featured Artists" at this show. There were a handful of us. The other honors came from people attending the show and fellow artists who complimented my work with such words as "museum quality, stunning and unique work, beautiful use of color, and never seen anything like it!" How encouraging for someone who is really isolated in the studio much of the time. Most of the time it is my own opinion I must rely on. Such feedback is so good for an artist.
Thanks to everyone who came by to visit, shop and give me advice about booth set up.
Day One. My booth tent was low and closed in on three sides.
Following the advice of my fellow artists,  I rebuilt my booth entirely on the second day. I needed to have more flow through. Several of my fellow artists came to visit and said it was a beautiful display, but too closed in. This was my first outdoor art show, and the maiden voyage of my Pop Up tent. Little did I know the legs could telescope to raise the level of the tent. The first day tall people had to duck a little to go in and out. Sunday morning, I opened the booth to both aisles and totally rearranged my artwork. My neighbor, Michael Slattery,  helped me with raising the tent. So much better! Thanks, Mike. ( You can see a bit of his work through the opening of my tent. Click above to see more. I am grateful for such great advice. I had more visitors and more sales. Not to mention a lovely view of the bay and downtown and a cool breeze through the booth.

Day Two. Nice flow through set up and a great view!

Looking through my booth. A very sunny day.
Looking at the right side of my display.

Inside left.

Three of my dear girlfriends made it possible to set up and tear down this 10' X 10' booth. Shirley, whom I have known since the 4th grade came to my aid on Friday evening. We set up the tent, grids and tables. Then Sunday, Carmen and Rose showed up to pack it all up and load the car. I couldn't have done it without you. My gratitude is great. It is really hard work.
I hope to participate in Coronado Art Walk again next year. The only change I would make is to have easier display walls. The grids are really heavy and I had fifteen of them! I have designs rolling around in my head for a lighter and much more efficient set up.

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