Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Sister I've Always Wanted!
My half sister, Lavone came to town Sunday evening. She lives in North Carolina, and hadn't been out to San Diego since she was about 17. Lavone is my dad's first daughter. My brother, sister and I grew up here in San diego. She grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, I met her less than a half dozen times in my life. We reconnected a few years ago when our dad was in the hospital. My oldest sister was against informing Lavone that our dad had been hospitalized. I thought it was very important for her to know. So I tracked her down and called. We connected right away!  We began chatting on the phone, then emailing about once or twice a week. This is the sister I always wanted! We talked about what each of us did for a living, and when I had bead workshops in her area, I stayed a couple of days extra and we met. I love having a sister I can be close to.
Me & Lavone at La Jolla Cove
 Of course, we had to go sight seeing. Monday, we drove up the coast to La Jolla, then lunch at the Brigantine in Del Mar and on to Solana Beach to the Cedros design center. Nice day!
At the San Diego Zoo with the Momma and Baby Hippos
Tuesday, to the Zoo, Coronado and the Hotel Del Coronado, of course! Then to Point Loma Sea Foods for Civiche and Crab and beer for lunch as we looked out on the Marina.
Of corse we had to see the new Giraffe. I think it is about 3 - 4 weeks old now.
 We have had a wonderful visit. She is so relaxed and easy going, intelligent and fun to hang out with. This has been a great connection for both of us. She grew up as an only child, so it is special for her to have a sister too!


  1. better late than never. how wonderful to have found not just a sister but a soul sister.

  2. Sister or half sister...they are always so important in our lives! So glad you reconnected!