Friday, August 7, 2009

New Class Offering

It is funny how one little component leads to a world of inspiration! I had just finished my third Crystal Cube and did not want to bead a necklace for it to hang from. I had gone to visit Marcia Decoster and she was wearing a piece of beadwork hung from a chain. Great idea! Put beadwork on a chain. Saves lots of time. So off I went to a local bead store, The Bouncing Bead in La Mesa, the next town over, and bought a piece of chain. I brought it home and added my Crystal Cube to it. It looked pretty good, but needed more. I added crystals to the chain and was very happy. Hey, I thought, I could do a lot of stuff with this chain. I went back to buy more chain and voila! A new Fabulous class, Enchanted Chains Bracelet. An offshoot of that idea is Double Enchantment Bracelet pictured above. This is a full day class, but the original single wide bracelet, Enchanting Chains Bracelet, can be done in a half day.

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