Saturday, August 29, 2009

People Beach at Coronado!

It was a beautiful morning at Coronado People Beach. Still cool at 7:45 am. Jasmin went back to David's last night, so I took myself to People Beach rather than Dog Beach, early this morning. I saw dolphins swimming along the wave line, kayakers near them, along with pelicans and seagulls who were following the dolphins hoping for leftovers. I did try to get a shot of the dolphins, but my camera doesn't have a long enough lens to catch them. However, there was a large flock of early bird seagulls standing around on the sand as I made my way to the water, so I took a picture of them. As I walked along, I noticet a really nice, large rock with a very long piece of seaweed clinging to it. The rock anchors the seaweed to the ocean floor. (Until a storm or rough tides uproot it and sling it onto the shore, that is!) The ocean has been my anchor for my entire life. I try to go there any time I need peace and serenity as well as some exercise. Beads have also been a thread of stability for me. Many of my days have been spent beading at the beach.
Actually, I'll bead just about anywhere!

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