Monday, August 31, 2009

Thankful & Happy!

What a great weekend! Thank you everyone who made my Special Sale a success. There's going to be lots of beautiful beadwork out there!

My friend, Pennie and I spent the day and evening together yesterday. We found a little Hummingbird fluttering around on the back porch. It was missing all of it's tail feathers and half of one wing's feathers. We made it comfortable and I fed it sugar water from a dropper. All I had to keep it in
was my salad spinner basket. It kept trying to fly out of the little box I had it in. It could fly a little. This morning, I took it to Project Wildlife. I made a donation, I like to call it "child support", to this great volunteer organization.

On to the art supply store to buy myself some nice papers to play with. I put them on the deck and took this picture. Then my friend Ginger said, "Look at the reflection in the pot!" So I took a shot of that! What an inspiring day I am having.

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