Friday, August 28, 2009

Robin Atkins' Why Blog?

I just logged onto Robin Atkins' Blog to have a closer look at her beautiful Treasure Box. Meanwhile, I saw her post Why Blog? I ask myself that often. I know it is a tool to get my business out "there". But to put personal things on my blog is really hard for me. I have been very private, almost in hiding when I am not out teaching classes. That led me to Robin's link to the Willow Manor blog. I just had to add these two blogs to my list of favorites and I have only touched briefly on each of them. Hmmm, maybe that's what I will read in the middle of the night when I am awake.

I am learning to open my life up little by little these days. I am just emerging from my cocoon and flying back to myself. Now that I am single again I am able to emerge. I like being single. It is quiet and peaceful. My ex-husband and I like each other so much more now and are able to be friends. A miracle of forgiveness.
We have voluntary joint custody of Jasmine the dog. I love to take her to Dog Beach in Coronado. We can see the Hotel Del Coronado just to the south on the same stretch of beach. Point Loma is across the water just to the north. Looking further south is Imperial Beach, where I grew up with Tijuana, Mexico right next door.

I love rocks and found the rock below rock on our last trip to Coronado Dog Beach. Nice addition to my rock collection! I love how the seaweed is clinging to the rock. It washed up to the shore and dried out, but is still sticking to that rock!

I have been rediscovering many of my lifetime loves! Body Surfing, which I did nearly every day growing up in I.B. Traveling, camping, going out to listen to music, having friends over for dinner, lunch, breakfast and just plain fun! I take walks about three times a week at the San Diego Zoo, first thing in the morning when they open. Most of the time with my friend, Rose. It is cool and shady and the animals are having their breakfasts.

I am so very fortunate to be part of a large creative community. Many of my friends are artists of one kind or another. Painters, ceramists, fabric artists, beaders, lampwork artists. This community is very, very supportive and spiritual.

I am playing with many new materials these days. Journaling and drawing in my journal, adding pieces of rust, glass, wood and rocks. I bought some great pieces of ancient Roman Glass shards last year at the Bellevue Bead Festival in WA. I plan to incorporate them into a new Freeform Basket. I can't wait to play with that! Life is good!

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  1. Fly back to yourself, Jeannette...
    You've been away for a long time
    and now the rocks are calling,
    yet you are keeping the bit of seaweed,
    a small piece
    of the married self you were,
    to the re-emerging you
    of the moment. Yay!!!
    Your life, like good jazz,
    plays around with many themes,
    yet holds a constant beat.

    I shall vicariously enjoy this new pathway through your blog... Hugs, R.