Monday, August 15, 2011

Night Blooming Cereus!

Yesterday evening I was sitting out on the verandah having a salad and a glass of wine when I glanced over at the multitude of buds on the night blooming cereus plant. I swear, I could see the buds opening ever so slightly. They seemed to move as I watched them. The buds were changing before my eyes. This is the night they will open! I got my camera and took a few shots of the closed buds. 

5:30 pm the buds are still closed
Well, I thought, I can't sit here for hours to watch them open, so back into the bead studio to continue working on my new earring design. I popped back out around 7:30 pm for another shot of the flowers.
The flowers are beginning to open
 Back out to the garden to check on the blooms. It is 9:30 pm and they are all wide open. So exciting!

So many beautiful blooms.

Huge, hand sized blooms. Fabulous!

7:00 am it's all over. The blooms are closed and drooping downward.
Such a miracle to catch this process in a matter of a few hours.


  1. Oh my God, that is stunning, and too think you might not have been home. Wonderful shots!

  2. I almost went out with a couple of friends to hear music last night. It was so beautiful on the veranda that I decided to eat out there and stay in. So glad I did!

  3. We always had these plants until we moved here and the wind just blew them off the deck. We potted the broken leaves and they regenerated so we gave them to friend with a garden.

    you photos are great and I could almost catch their exotic perfume.

  4. Beautiful! I love how huge the flowers are.