Monday, August 29, 2011

A Surprise From Japan

Last week I had a phone call from a woman named Meg. She grew up here in San Diego and she and her husband moved to Ashland, OR in June. When she was in school, her family hosted an exchange student from Japan. Keiko and Meg became lifelong friends. Visiting each other and sending their children to visit each other as they grew up. Meg called because Keiko and her daughter Mari were here in San Diego for a visit. Meg was flying down that night to join her friends. Where do I enter the picture?
Mari, Keiko and me on the couch. Jasmine wouldn't be left out of the picture!
Keiko had been taking beading workshops at home in Japan. She is signed up to take a class on Freeform Sculptural Peyote when she gets home to Japan. The teacher uses my book in class. They searched the web for the book and only found one copy on Ebay. The seller wants $70! Hey, that's way too much. My book sells for $14.95.

They wanted to find out where to get my book. Meg called to ask and I said right here. Please come to my studio. What a delight! I love Japanese people. There's a corner in my living room dedicated to Japan. Wood block prints from 1953 when my parents lived in Yokohama, Gifts from my students, a photograph of a Japanese garden. I went to teach in Japan in 2007 and didn't want to leave. My students there were wonderful. Generous, fun, talented!

The "Japan Corner" in my living room.

Speaking of generous, Keiko and Mari brought me gifts from Japan. Delicious snacks and for my two granddaughters, folders from Mari's college book store.
Keiko and her daughter are so generous!. And Meg is warm and lovely. I am now invited to Japan and Ashland. I say yes! Someday I am going back to Japan and will surely visit Meg in Ashland, OR. These are two of my favorite places on earth and I will get to see these great women again and get to know them better. Keiko left with 7 Sculptural Peyote Primers for her fellow students, 1 Beading With Peyote Stitch and some tubes of beads and a couple of kits. I am honored that my work will be going to Japan. I wish I could accompany it this time, but someday I will go back. By the way, Keiko lives near Disneyland Tokyo. Thank you Meg for calling out of the blue.
Every day can hold such surprise!

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