Friday, August 19, 2011

San Diego Children's Museum

Take your kids or grandchildren to the San Diego Children's Museum!  Located downtown at 200 Island.
My Granddaughter, Alori turned 8 yesterday. She is one of 5 granddaughters. (I also have a grandson.)
We had a splendid day at the newly finished Children's Museum. What a wonder of artwork and play! Three stories of fun visual delights. Below is a pictorial of some of the great activities for kids. The chariots and climbing wall were a favorite. I loved the giant fabric monsters hanging from the ceiling.
Alori and Amaya Climbing the Wall
Rope Swinging

The Chariots were a favorite!

Working in Clay

A huge Fabric Monster by Amy Mayfield
I love this Monster!

The Giant Trojan Horse. You can to inside from the second floor level. Cool!

Fur Fabric artwork with ever changing pictures.

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