Friday, February 11, 2011

Capturing the Moment Day 2 Assignment - Lines

Day 2 of Capturing the Moment. We were given the task of looking at lines in our world. There are so many once you begin focusing on them. At 22nd Street Antiques there was an abundance of lines to shoot. Lovely lines from every angle and in many forms. Choosing just a few to post was a challenge. It is great to be given a specific thing to look for in our world of so much to see. Of course I took lots of pictures!

The Iron Flirting Chair in Kate's yard. Beautiful lines! The best part is she gave it to me for my yard! It will look so beautiful in it's new home and I will think of Kate every time I see it.

This Op Art Record Case gives the illusion of even more lines than the obvious ones.

Mud Cloth.
Looking down into an old tool box with saws lined up.

The next assignment was to make a color wheel of photos we took while out and about on Day 3. Those photos will be in my next post...

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