Sunday, February 13, 2011

Capturing the Moment Day 3

Catching up on Capturing the Moment
Our trip to The Lost Barrio was so full of colorful things! Deciding which to photograph was easy! The store fronts are all painted in beautiful colors against the industrial brick of the building.
All my favorite colors are in front of these stores. Even the Graffiti is beautiful here!
Inside the stores were amazing treasures. I am a sucker for glass balls this store had every color! My favorite is Cobalt Blue.
Blue Fridge, Pink Chair at The Eclectic Flea.

I miss my comrades very much. Kate & Andrew, Holly, Baba and Dawn. Each person brought something valuable to the workshops in their own special way. Mornings were so lovely gathered together around Kate's table. Laptops open, discussions about the previous day's pillaging and photographing and blogging assignments over coffee...

After our mornings together, we all set out into the wilds of Tucson, visiting Antique malls and the Gem Shows. Copper Country Antiques was the first stop where Holly found a cache of Troll dolls. She chose one that was dressed up like a pirate! Coincidence? There we were on the Pirate's Trail in Tucson plundering and pillaging the antique malls and gem shows. She showed me where they were and I got a Vampire Troll. My audio book for the road trip is Bram Stoker's "Dracula", so this was the perfect doll for me. To my surprise, Holly gave me her Pirate Troll! Thank you Holly. I miss your kindness and lovely voice.

Holly and me posing with our Hot Pink Haired Trolls from Copper Country Antiques


  1. How did you manage to not buy that cobalt ball....or did you?

  2. See, she knew that she was going home with my garden bench so it gave her strength. But she badly needs that ball!