Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip To Tucson

Tucson Bound!
Driving from San Diego to Tucson is great. The desert is beautiful in Winter and I love a good road trip. The ever changing landscape is always entertaining. Here is the view of the valley and mountains just beyond Yuma, AZ.

This year, my booth was at The Tucson Bead Show at the Doubletree Hotel. Kate McKinnon invited me to stay at her house again this year while working my booth.

Kate McKinnon and Andrew Thornton's workshop, Capturing the Moment session two began the day after the show ended. Signing up for the workshop was an after thought and I am so glad there was a space left for me. Capturing the Moment is all about Photography, Blogging and looking at the world with new eyes. Staying at Kate's place is wonderful. She allows me to reside in The Vintage Barbie Dream Coach, a restored vintage trailer out in the back of her house. Sweet digs!

There Are No Accidents!

My first full day here in Tucson was a day off for me. I went to check out the "To Bead True Blue Show" and walked into the TierraCast Booth first. There was Julie Young with open arms and a great big smile! In their booth was a fun little photo studio with vintage clothing and props to use while they take your picture. Who should I see dressing up and posing for photos but Tatiana and her friend Sergei!

Tatiana me Tataina is my E-Pen pal from Moscow! We had never met before, but had been emailing each other for the past six years. This was such a wonderful surprise. We hugged and all dressed up for a photo together. Julie and I invited them to Kate's party on Saturday night, and they agreed to come. Always a great party.

Friday morning, back to work! I set up my booth at The Tucson Bead Show at 6:30 am and the show opened from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It was a wonderful three days.

My booth neighbors and customers were great! The visiting is always so good. This is my booth neighbor, Colleen Loader of Exotic Design. Photo on the left side. She is from Sydney, Australia. I loved her different costume each day! She is so fun!

The next picture is Maiko Kage Felton of Happy Beading. We met when I went to Japan to teach about 3 years ago. She lives about just up the road from me now!

After the show was over, the workshop, "Capturing the Moment" began. It has been great! Check out Kate's Blog as well as Andrew's blog for some more great shots. It is so fun to go out and play with my camera. I got some great pictures during our first two days of assignments.
Here are just a couple of my favorites...
The sailing buffalo angel on top of Copper Country Antiques. A great place to practice using the camera.
I wanted every one of these Dia De Los Muertas statues. They were so beautifully done, each in her own Victorian era gown.
Kate wondering if this is THE jacket for her.
Lovely blue glassware!

More to come...


  1. Ah, what a fantastic blog post! I love it. Maybe you can go back in and add hot links where you mention names, like TierraCast, and Andrew and I, Copper Country and your booth partner.

    That way if people are interested in what you did, they can explore it more on their own.

    Can't wait to see the Lord and the Duck!

  2. We look so cool in those clothes :)
    And, I adore TierraCast, they had the best booth at To Bead True Blue and they made us meet each other :)

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