Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boundless Passion!

I am a bit behind on my assignments, so decided to just go back and see what word assignments to write about. Boundless and Passion were the two assignments I missed. So, why not combine them? I'll get two assignments done at once! Well, parts of my life lack passion, but other parts are filled with passion. Boundless means limitless. I am working on manifesting limitless success in all my endeavors. Color always gets me very excited. This morning I signed up for Picnik, a program that allows you to make collages of your photos.
My first photo collage has all my favorite colors in it!
The pink haired Troll and the owl candle holder were so beautiful together. I looked around the house for colors that I am passionate about. The striped square bowl I got in Nashville a few years ago with a large glass ball on top. It is in my bathroom. Then the silk painting I made in Anchorage, Alaska at Color Creek several years ago. Some of the most fun I have ever had! If you are in Anchorage, AK, or nearby. do go see Mary Hertert owner and fiber artist extraordinaire! You can play with fibers for a day or sign up for one of the many great fiber classes.

One areas of my life that I really want to be Boundless in is my ability to support myself with my business. Beady Eyed Women® is the name I gave it many, many years ago. It started with a dream about writing beading books back in the 1980's. I was working full time, had 4 kids in the house, three of them teenagers and was te
aching workshops at the Shepherdess here in San Diego. I wanted to travel and teach and write beading books full time. It took about 6 years before I was free to go full time. All the kids were out of the house, I was single again and living in a small granny flat in Pt. Loma. A very beautiful neighborhood above the Pacific Ocean. Morning walks were incredible! I was sailing a 16' catamaran, working on my business, writing and had a partner that helped make it all come true. Vicki Star and I put on beading retreats in Julian. From each retreat came a book, 6 in all. I named them "The Beady Eyed Women's Guides to Exquisite Beadwork". This name had been in my head for many years. We called the Retreat
s "Beady Eyed Women's Mountain Retreats". They were very successful. There were almost no retreats back then. The business grew and grew and we both quit our other jobs to do it full time. We were partners for 8 years. Vicki left about 5 years ago to move back to Ohio where she grew up. I continued on with Beady Eyed Women®, trademarked the name and made an excellent living. Until about 3 years ago, the business was financially very successful. Then the economy went downhill. I am now re inventing myself,the business and learning about social m
edia, blogging, working on marketing and making daily goals. Taking the Capturing the Moment workshop with Andrew Thornton and Kate McKinnon jump started my creativity and got me all excited again. I feel Boundless and Passionate about Beady Eyed Women® again!


  1. I adore your pink hair troll holder...I adore trolls! It is great that you've found your passion & Boundless moments again. I'm so happy to follow you & be a part of your discovery here on your blog

  2. Jeannette, it's just lovely that you are writing so much. I would love to see more pictures of your work, your beads, your STASH, your sunroom, your garden, and you. Jasmine. I would love to feel connected to you through seeing these small moments of your day.

    I think that part of reinventing ourselves as entities asking for support is to be able to give back to people the gift of our lives. How fortunate we are, even when money is tight (as it is now for everyone we know in the world of art) to be able to decide our own days, and to have the job of making beauty, of innovating.

  3. Beautiful...just like you! I love your scarf should look into teaching silk painting. You have a great eye for color! Miss you and hope to see you this Fall....or sooner,the door is always open here.

  4. I love what you wrote! Boy what a gift you have given me by letting me come into your life. I am in a slump so nice to hear what everyone else is struggling with and how you are dealing with it! Xxx

  5. That Kate McKinnon and Andrew Thornton really have a way of kicking one in the butt. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are boundless!