Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going Home! The Flirting Bench & the Sunset

Here is the picture of me leaving with the Flirting Chair tied to the top of my car as I am just about ready to drive away from Kate's house. She and Andrew are waving goodbye to me and shooting a farewell picture of me and the Hot Pink Haired Pirate Troll waving goodbye to them. I snagged this photo from Andrew's blog...

Home Sweet Home. It's so true! I love my little house. It is much more beautiful since Kate gave me her Flirting Bench. I found the perfect place to put it after two tries. First, I tried the back yard. It got lost amongst all the other lovelies back there. So, I placed it in the front entrance to my house. Perfection! Thank you Kate, it is a beautiful addition to my home.

And then there was a most unusual sunset here in Lemon Grove.
I got in two shots. The first shot, just as I was closing the curtains, the crimson cloud appeared and I dashed outside with my camera.
A minute or so later, the color is more intense as the sky darkens.


  1. I can't wait to come sit on the bench!

  2. Lucky you, the flirting chair is a fabulous find. Once of the things I regretted about flying to Tucson was not being able to bring large things back. Of course, three days in the car is no joke either.