Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crazy for Bowl Rings

Statement rings are hot right now! I am very inspired by these two favorite rings. The dual bowl ring with the dots was made by an unknown artist. This artist was an art school classmate of a friend's daughter. I got it at least 16 years ago and do not remember the name of this artist. I wish I knew, since this is fabulous work from a student. What could this person be doing now??? Behind it is a view of the back of a ring Kate McKinnon gave me. I wore them together for the first time in February and they have been a pair ever since.
Double Bowl Ring Unknown Artist & The Back of Kate McKinnon's Bowl within a Bowl Ring
 Inspired by these bowl shaped rings, I set to work with my beads. Using square stitch to achieve the gentle curve of the bowls. Square stitch hasn't been a favorite stitch, but it works well for this shape!
My Beaded Bowl Rings with My Favorite Silver Bowl Rings
 Wearing the two beaded bowl rings together above and the two silver bowl rings together below.
My Favorite Silver Rings!


  1. I dig it! I love that double bowl ring, it's brilliant.

  2. Since i massacred favorite ring in a disposer i think i might try a beaded ring.

  3. Great rings! One day I'm going to have to take one of your classes. Every time I see your work, I get the urge to seedbead!

    P.S. Can't wait to see you!