Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three New Tutorials And...

It's a glorious day here in Lemon Grove. Spring is so great! Bird riots continue in all the trees in my yard. It is May! Can you believe it? To celebrate, I am offering three tutorials that were only available as kits until now I had a nice closeout sale on the Tiles of Antoni Cuff kits recently. There are only two kits left, and now you can get the instructions from this kit on my website as PDF or Printed booklet.
The Tiles of Antoni Gaudi Cuff  
Tiles of Antoni Gaudi Cuff
It's Hip to Be Square
Bracelet kits are all gone. The tutorials are available as PDF or Printed booklet.
it's Hip 
Metamorphosis Scarf
I still have plenty of these kits left. This kit has tons of Delica Beads in it as well as the accent beads. I just released the tutorial. Available as PDF or Printed booklet.
 Metamorphosis Scarf

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 (Tutorials are listed in alphabetical order in the Website ) 

Then there is this Brand New Kit!
So New it's Not In The Shopping Cart Yet!
Treble Clef Pendant  
Just $48   
Treble Clef    
There are two Color Choices:  
Peacock Blue & Green A/B Beads 
& 3mm Emerald 2xAB Crystals  
TC Kit #1 
Shown Above
Chartreuse & Purple Fire Polish Beads  
& 3mm Jet 2xAB Crystals
 TC Kit #2 
Available Only As A  

 then type in the Kit # and the price in the space provided in the shopping cart.

Dagger Beads  Are Still Available  

To view all the colors and  
patterns and to shop! 

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  1. Jeannette, I was so excited to open the package from Beading for a Cure & find one of your final kits of the "Tiles of Antoni Gaudi". I am thrilled to have it & only wish I could have gotten one more wonderful gift from you...time to work on it. Thank you so very very much.