Saturday, May 21, 2011

Staying in the Studio

Good thing I love my little house and studio. I am staying in day after day getting work done. It is a bit isolating sometimes. I turn down lots of invitations to go play. When a friend comes over to help me work, like two did this week, it is so nice to have the much needed help, but also the good company of these sweet friends. We chat and laugh while we work.  If we need a break, we can go into the living room, or out to the garden for a change of scene.
 Lunch on the deck is always a pleasant 
This corner of the living room is my Japan corner

Thanks to the help of my two friends, Nancy Rose and Carmen, there are 3 boxes of kits ready to tape up, label and ship to The Bead&Button Show. I will be shipping at least 6 to 8 boxes of kits and instructions for sale in the classroom and at my booth. Come visit me if you will be in Milwaukee for the B&B Show. Booth # 410 just up the aisle from the Bead&Button Booth. 

Kits, kits, kits. Ready to go!
Meanwhile, I am selling the beautiful Emerald Bay Necklace Kits I have left from the Tahoe Bead Retreat last year. I made a lot of each of the 3 color combinations to be sure all three sessions had enough of each color for all the students.

Today until midnight, I am offering this amazing kit for a discounted price and will pay the shipping. What's left will go to the booth at the B&B Show. The large size keshi pearls were really hard to find. The kit has lots of Swarovski® crystals too. Get the while they last! Above is a photo of the Mocha and Emerald 2X AB with Peacock blue accents. What is left will be packed up for shipping to Milwaukee.


  1. Have a wonderful time at the show! I can't believe I'm not feels so strange. I will surely miss seeing everyone.

  2. What a beautiful space you have outside... I would never ever want to leave! Best wishes at your show, I hope it goes well! Your necklace kit is very beautiful.
    Take care!