Thursday, May 12, 2011

Doing It All

Some days I am just weary. I flip flop between joy at the life I get to live as a self employed
artist and despair at how much there is to do with the business, house, yard, etc. Doing it all myself, with the occasional hired helper for kits is huge! I love my home and yard and the studio is amazing.
The garden is really a Zen Retreat, but takes a lot of maintenance. I watch the weedy grass turning brown because of water shortages. Yes, they lifted the water restrictions, but prices are very high for water. I have great ideas for that garden, but no time or money to follow through.

Moon Face by Wayne Chapman

There is fear about making ends meet these days. I fight fear. With all that is on my plate,  I must say no a lot to invitations. I did spend the entire weekend playing, and now am working to catch up. I live alone and get terribly lonely sometimes. My mind runs on at times. Wouldn't it be nice to meet someone to date, spend time with, and then, for instance at the festival last weekend someone my age did come up to talk to me. Within a matter of about 2 minutes, he said such idiotic things to me that I said, "gotta go", and walked away shaking my head. That's when my mind says, never mind! So back with my dog, beads, beautiful yard, girlfriends who are fabulous. I invite Marcia and Mark to dinner and have a lovely evening and my world is good again. My daughter is a great person to spend time with. Smart, talented, funny, serious, another artist and a single mother working and getting her degree at San Diego State. Such a blessing! My son is married with three children and deeply into his life with his wife's family. We don't see much of each other, but they are all safe and doing well.

So back to playing with my beads. The color and texture and watching a piece take form is wonderful and keeps me balanced. Walking at the Zoo each morning and doing stretches throughout the day helps me feel good. Teaching workshops is a great outlet. The Bead&Button Show takes months and months of preparation. Once there, it is a wonderful, social event. A great gathering of talented people and a huge laugh fest. Like Disney World for beaders!
Peeking Into the Curl
 I love Mastering the Curl. This one is double curled. These colors are my newest favorites.

Double Ended Curl in Progress

This ring was inspired by the ring Kate McKinnon gave me and the new cones she and Dustin are making. I used square stitch, which I've never loved. However it worked well for the shape.
Gold & Aquamarine Ring
Gold & Aquamarine Ring Detail
Off to the Zoo. I think a visit to the baby giraffe is in order. The giraffes are so elegant. I love to watch them loping around in their enclosure. Sometimes, they hang their heads right above you. Amazing!


  1. Your work is so beautiful...really... I wish I could reach you and tell you no matter what your gonna be ok... but when we have those down alone days... words dont matter. I wish I could tell you someone is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel... but I cant. BUT>>> I will say this...YOU make beautiful jewelry and daughters are the best...NOT too mention your son is doing well!
    Take care of yourself and VENT often!

  2. Your work is so very amazing as overused as the word is. Your post hit several cords with me as did Lisa's. Single and raising my son alone for nine years now married for 20 years. Really makes me want to reach out and lend you support. It may not be much in those lonely times but hope it helps some. I swear if anything ever happens to this one I will be the Crazy Old Cat Lady! They do say such silly things...

  3. You are not alone in your feelings, my friend. Thank goodness we have our beads and our dogs and our friends. For that, we are blessed.
    P.S. I think you should make more rings because I'm loving the gold and aqua ring. I'm just sayin...

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. We meet at Kate,s a few times. You know spending so much time with self, shows in your work. It is a good thing. debi